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KT Naruto: Kunoichi Trainer is a conversational adventure game app for adults inspired by the universe of the popular manga and anime series Naruto


Conversational adventure for adults based on the world of Naruto

April 20, 2023
7 / 10

Fans of Naruto of legal age and with the desire to have a good time on their mobile devices -wink wink- will enjoy KT Naruto: Kunoichi Trainer. This is a conversational adventure where you can let your passions run wild, thanks to the fact that the female characters in the manga appear with a lewd attitude.

Naruto for adults with anime ninjas

The story makes the player the protagonist of the plot, starting by transferring him to the Naruto universe after spending the day enjoying the popular anime at home. Through conversations with different girls, you will strengthen your relationship with them and get to know them in the biblical sense of the term.

It is divided into three games, focusing on three main characters: Hinata, Aino, and Sakura. We will have to progress through the game by having conversations with girls, exploring the different locations, and also completing the missions that provide coins so we can buy gifts. If you manage to make progress, the girls will undress and things like that... I do not know, too much of a fuss for such a little thing. Be careful or you will go blind. However, the graphic design is good, very close to anime's aesthetics.

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